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About Our Company


Established in 2019, PHILORE swiftly emerged as a dynamic and fast-growing recruitment firm with a clear purpose – to facilitate the perfect match between employers and jobseekers. With offices strategically located in Singapore and the Philippines, our mission is to help employers achieve remarkable growth by connecting them with the best-fit workforce across various industries.

At PHILORE, we prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. Our dedicated team understands that the success of any business lies in its people. Therefore, we go beyond mere skill matching to create a profound impact by fostering meaningful connections that lead to mutual growth and success.

Our commitment extends to empowering communities through education. We believe that education opens doors to boundless opportunities, and we actively engage with training organizations, schools, and medical institutions to ensure the deployment of highly qualified and motivated candidates.

With a client-centric approach and a passion for excellence, PHILORE continues to be a trusted partner for both employers and jobseekers. Together, we envision a future where businesses thrive, individuals flourish in fulfilling careers, and communities prosper through the power of education.

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Who we are

Let our creative and experienced team make an impact in your business. We’re here to
bridge exceptional companies with bright people. Our qualified workforce solutions will bring your dream to life.


  • To help our employers achieve growth by providing the best-fit workforce.
  • To connect with our employees and jobseekers to provide a safe and fulfilling career.
  • To empower communities through education

Our Values

  • Leadership – every team member is a leader that must inspire positive change and growth.
  • Commitment – We are dedicated to ensuring operational excellence.
  • Teamwork – We look ahead for PHILORE, and look out for one another.
  • Initiative and Innovation – Our leaders take charge of learning, thinking creatively and finding the best solutions.
  • Delivering positive results – Our leaders are resolute in creating value and delivering on time.


To make a positive impact for every jobseeker and employer.